September 4, 2011

…Is our 4 month old rabbit we think she’s a mixed rabbit with a little Rex and some Nether-land Dwarf in her, well that’s what the guy thought she was when we bought her.
She’s a lovely mix of silver, white and grey her coat is super soft and fluffy and she often has a fondness for eating any kind of cable she can latch her teeth to. Including ipad charger cable, laptop cable, kindle cable and of course my reading light cable. Here I caught her in the act trying to gnaw her way through my reading light cable but when caught only gives you the look of innocence and naivety.

She also adored hiding behind the sofa, under the sofa, in boxes and bags, and in any nook available to her.

However, Evie often forgets that she’s a lady and often rolls around in her own poop resulting in poop stains on her coat which means she has to take a bath which results in Evie having to make contact with water which is something she seems to hate more than anything I’ve noticed yet in the two months we’ve had her.

Yet, Evie also enjoys nibbling on food that isn’t the most healthiest for her, if you let her she’d try and steal food off your plate and even give meat a go if you don’t watch her!

Evie often reminds me of a mix between a dog, cat and a squirrel a times. Though we love her dearly and wouldn’t want to change her. Stay tuned for more on Evie in times to come!

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