My Epic Journey To Motherhood

Ever wondered what the road to starting a family entails when you can’t conceive naturally? Whether you have a chronic illness that affects your fertility (like me), have had part of your reproductive system removed (also like me) or just haven’t been able to conceive on your own? Well, that’s where I step in. I’m taking you ‘behind’ the scenes on my own epic journey to motherhood.

The appointments. The tests. The doubts. The fears. The failures. The successes (hopefully). All of it. I’m sharing with you. My very uncertain journey to motherhood.

To be completely honest, I had doubts before even uploading this, but thanks to some support from my husband and some awesome people on Instagram here it is. Week 1. Talking about what’s brought my husband and I to this point that we can no longer conceive naturally.

Where all on this epic journey in life and a lot of us want this epic journey to include becoming parents. But what happens when you can’t conceive naturally?

That’s the question, isn’t it?

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