Eight Newsletters You Should Subscribe To

August 15, 2018
Eight Newsletter's You Should Subscribe To

Over the last few years, email newsletters have really become the place to share more of yourself, your business, and your life. I love reading them but I know some of them only ever cover the barest bits of information.

The newsletters I tend to read the most these days are run by amazing creatives who are sharing their lives, their work and the lessons they learn along the way. It’s a great way to connect with others and find answers to the many questions you may have about certain subjects such as self-care, minimalism, wellness, Endometriosis, manifestation, working for yourself and running your own business.

I wanted to round up some really awesome female creatives who are writing newsletters that are forever inspiring me to dream bigger and create work and content I can be really proud of.


8. Susannah Conway’s Love Letters

I’ve been following Susannah since at least 2010, if not longer. She’s made the transfer from blogging frequently to mainly just emailing her list. But her letters really are like love letters from someone you know and trust. Susannah opens her heart to her readers twice a month and shares her life, her work and her thoughts with you and the things she shares just really resonate with me and it’s such an amazing peek into this woman I just adore.

When you sign up to Susannah’s love letters, you also get access to her inspiration library where you can find ebooks, meditations and every December she shares her free Unraveling workbook which is just… amazing!

2. Kat Horracks Put Yourself First Love Notes

I’ve mentioned Kat before and I’m sure I’ll mention her again and again because she’s so passionate about empowering you to make time for your goals and to put yourself first. Kat recently changed up her newsletters and they’re now called put yourself first love notes and they are so good! She sends one every Monday, rain or shine. I know it’s going to land in my inbox and brighten up my morning. Kat always shares something personal and she shares her favourite resources too.

When you sign up you also get a copy of Kat’s awesome Goal Setting workbook, which has really made a difference in my own goal setting during 2018.

3. Jessica Rose Williams Monthly Letters

I adore Jessica. I’ve not been following her for more than a year but the content she creates and shares on her journey with minimalism has really influenced me, for the better. Every month Jessica sends a newsletter out and while every month, what she shares is different, it is always personal and feels quite intimate and yet still relates to her journey with minimalism.

When you subscribe to Jessica’s monthly letters you also get access to her 4 step wardrobe detox. Which is an amazing 4 step guide to help you decide what to keep in your wardrobe.

4. Jemma of Celery and Cupcakes

Jemma is all about health, wellness, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle. Jemma has had a massive impact on me on the 2+years I’ve been following her. All her talk about balance made such a positive impact on my life last Christmas that it turned out to be my healthiest Christmas to date. During 2017 Jemma also created a plank challenge which made a massive difference to my core strength and got me back into fitness and in January Jemma created a balance retreat and giveaway (which I won) that helped my mental health. This is all the kinds of content that Jemma shares in her newsletter too! Jemma has just had a baby girl so is currently on maternity leave but has scheduled a great new series on her blog.

When you subscribe to Jemma’s newsletter you also get access to her essential balance guide, which is really worth a read.

5. Madison Hedlund The Tribe

I was looking into life coaching when I stumbled upon Madison’s website last year and while she does have a blog, Madison does share more of herself in her newsletters as well as on Instagram stories. Madison’s newsletters are raw, gritty and full of vulnerability. Madison doesn’t shy away from her truth and won’t let you shy away from yours either. I love her.

When you subscribe to Madison’s tribe you get a free copy of her come alive journal guide which is a 31 day guide to get started on your road to clarity, confidence and life on your own terms.

6. Jess of This EndoLife This EndoLetter

Jess is a UK endo sister that I completely adore and think the world of. Because not only is living with Endometriosis hard but sharing about living with it isn’t easy either but Jess never shy’s aware from the difficult stuff about living with this condition and that is why I love her. Her newsletter is the same it’s a fortnightly newsletter all about Endometriosis but Jess always shares something personal even if it’s just a small thing and shares some great resources too.

There’s nothing free when you sign up but Jess shares so many other great free resources in This Endoletter.

7. Jen Carrington’s Weekly Letters

Would this really be a post about awesome newsletters if Jen Carrington’s wasn’t mentioned? Jen is an amazing creative coach who isn’t afraid to tell you those hard truths and get real and she does exactly that in her weekly letters. While Jen is embracing slow blogging, she still shows up every Sunday in your inbox with her weekly letters that never fail to inspire.

When you sign up to Jen’s weekly letters you also get access to 6 of her mini books. I highly recommend her Fifty Letters From Me To You and Nobody Is Going To Do You Business (Or Your Life) For You & Other Stories.

8. Elyse Santilli of Notes On Bliss

I signed up to Elyse’s self-love challenge she released last year. Elyse is all about manifestation and self-love for spiritual babes. Whenever I receive once of Elyse’s newsletter’s it often feels like I’ve splashed cold water on my face, shocking and soothing at the same time. Elyse doesn’t hold back and I often feel like she gives me permission to feel the way I feel when I’m in self-doubt. She also hands out high doses of reality that you don’t realise you need until you get them. Elyse is truly magical. My inbox would be so sad without her weekly newsletters.

When you subscribe you also get access to Elyse’s amazing resource library. I highly recommend her Manifest Your Desires cheatsheet and her Ultimate Affirmation Swipe File.

And a cheeky mention of my own newsletter, if you’re not already subscribed, you can subscribe here. It’s a weekly letter that doesn’t currently have a name but it’s all about living and flourishing with a chronic illness along with talking all things business, positivity, self-love, confidence and my own personal stories.

When you subscribe you get a free copy of Shine Bright with Confidence workbook which helps you overcome 7 self-doubts when starting your own business.


What are your favourite newsletters?

Eight Newsletter's You Should Subscribe To

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