eBay Errors!

October 20, 2012
I don’t often buy things on eBay. I’m often really wary when using it but the other month I bought a used super cheap In Death book by J.D Robb and was really pleased with it so I went back and ordered the next book and then I found a Crimson Filofax going for under £30! I just couldn’t resist. I thought it was my lucky week.

Well it turns out it really wasn’t and yet again I’m wary of eBay.

My first problem was with the In Death book, the copy I received was… a bad one. I think you could say. Someone had gone through the whole book and tipexed all the words they didn’t approve of and replaced them with words they did! So reading the book and it actually making sense, well it was pretty hard. Thankfully the seller I bought the book from apologised and sent me a better copy of the book.
With the Maladen Filofax, really I only have myself to blame for this because I didn’t message the seller before I bought it to ask, I just presumed. But it came with no box, which I was really disheartened about and it came with zero inserts except for the today marker. Which I didn’t mind too much because I have tons of inserts but the seller didn’t state there were no inserts, and if I was a newbie and this was my first filofax I think I would have been pretty annoyed. Thankfully the filofax was in great condition!
Really this was a lesson to myself to be more wary of what I do buy on ebay and to think things through before I press the bid/buy now button!

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  1. one of the reasons I don't have the courage to buy from e-bay…

  2. Erozion says:

    I don't use them at all now, had a few bad experiences – or payp for that matter. They only refunded the money that a bad seller had left in their pp account, which was £4.

  3. indigogarden says:

    Look at it this way, the filofax you received was in good condition, you got it at a great price, and you have what you need to make it functional. What a newbie might do or not is not your concern. Enjoy the crimson malden! I have one as well and love it too.

  4. Amanda says:

    I laughed out loud at your book experience, because I've had that happen before! I belong to a book trading club and one time I received a book that had all the "bad words" scribbled out. Not a huge deal, but then they also wrote their own opinion of the offending word and character in the margin. It was annoying and hysterical at the same time.

  5. Wendy Miller says:

    I've never heard of people censoring their own books, that's hilarious! Of course, if I got one I'd be pretty peeved about it… I wonder if that counts as fanfiction, since you're altering the author's original work…?

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