Dear Ryan…

January 12, 2015

Happy 9 Years!

Happy 9 years! {yes 9 not 10 that would be next year when we’ve been married nearly a year!}

I shouldn’t say, I can’t believe we’ve made it this far but really it’s true. When I think back to how we struggled that first year we were together I never thought we’d get this far, never mind be engaged nearly 3 years and planning our wedding, that’s really not far away, it shocks me, but in the happiest way possible.

We’ve had so many lows during these past nine years, we’ve both lost family members and you’ve been my rock through all those hard times and I hope I’ve been your rock too, but we’ve had some amazing highs as well!

You’ve taught me a lot about what makes a good relationship and I’m so glad I’ve got someone who thinks its 50/50 not all one sided, who doesn’t get annoyed that I hate washing up, takes turns cooking every other day with me and likes to bake cupcakes. Although I still say what’s yours is mine & what’s mine is mine {jk!} 

It’s not all sunshine and roses, there are hard times, there are struggles and I know you hate finding half drunk cups of tea in nearly every room of our house, just like I hate finding your socks wherever you feel the need to take them off {there have been some very strange places!} and that you have to repeat yourself three times to be heard when I’m reading, although I do the same when your gaming.

But that’s what makes our relationship and I wouldn’t change anything for the world, so I just wanted you to know that I appreciate every moment, the good ones and the bad ones, because they’re ours, and I’m looking forward to spending many more years with you and how getting married will change our dynamics. Although the best bit for sure will be buying you Husband cards!

Love always, 
your ally xox

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