Dear 2015

January 5, 2016

2015 has been an epically interesting year, to say the least.
2015 is the year I became self-employed and started my own business. 
I turned 29; joined slimming world and lost two stone!
I got super sick, and went through a lengthy progress to be re-diagnosed with endometriosis.
Oscar died, Ryan got a promotion, we moved to Huddersfield
started trying for a baby, reconnected with some old friends
& we got married!

I’m sure I missed a few things out but honestly that’s the meat of 2015.
I’m really grateful to so many people who’ve helped me this year so I wanted to write a thank you, a hopefully short thank you to them too.

To my Husband
Saying thank you doesn’t even begin to cover what you’ve done for me this year! You’ve supported me through so much this year, starting my own business and helping me fine tune it all. Pushing me to dream big and believe that I can actually reach those goals. Holding me when I’m sick and in pain. Attending doctors appointment after doctors appointment with me, talking me down from the edge. Marrying me and making me your wife! Attending the super important consultant appointment with me and not pressuring me to make the big decision straight away and holding me hand the entire time. I’m lucky you are mine and that you’ve supported me, not just in 2015 but always.
To my Mum and Step-Dad
Your ongoing support and love means the world to me. I cannot honestly express how much your endless support has actually meant to me. It’s blown me away how you’ve been there for me this year. The push you gave Ryan and I to get finally get married. Travelling for nearly two hours just to make sure I’m all right and to tidy my house while I was in agony. The constant phone calls to make sure I’m all right and the reminders that you’re there for me if I want to talk or cry or vent. 
I owe you more than I can say.

To Christa and Jade
For the constant ongoing support, for listening to me whine and whinge and share too many details of my illness with you but for never once getting annoyed with me and for always, for listening to my endless wedding talks, for always being there, thank you!
To my family in-law
For always asking how I am and making me realise I am loved by you. For not always getting grossed out with my ‘girl troubles’ and understanding that there are something’s I just can’t do but never making me feel like I’m ruining your plans. I’m so lucky that I’ve got such a good set of in-laws like you!
To Evie-kins
You’re a really special bunny. I’m so grateful we have you. You follow me around the house needing to keep me in your sight especially when I’m ill. You follow me to the bathroom and constantly pop your head in to check that I’m still there and ok. All those little licks and grooming sessions that show me you love me, even if you do run away with my camera and pack’s of  biscuits thinking I haven’t noticed. You bring so much needed lightness to my days, I hope you never stop.
I have no idea what 2016 will have in store but what ever it is I’m sure I can deal with it.

Wishing you all the best for 2016!

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