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Continuously Brave Collective

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At the Continuously Brave Collective,

What You Get:

Monthly challenges – not only will you be pushed to your potential with the manifestation rituals we have in our monthly challenges, you’ll be in the running to win a bonus private coaching session with AGM when you complete each monthly challenge in its entirety!

Convo Booster Challenge – love sharing your continously brave stories or aha moments? You’ll earn a bouns private coaching session with AGM if you’re generating the most conversations in our secret facebook group!

Masterclass access – direct! – instead of waiting for a replay of each masterclass, masterclasses are no uploaded directly to the portal on a set date each month! No more waiting for the replay. You’ll have instant access as soon as our masterclass has been created!

Live hot seat coaching (on the group video call) – This is an incredible opportunity to have back and forth conversations with Ally as your Continuously Brave coach and mentor! The hot seat coaching will be a fully interactive video call held on Zoom. You can write in your questions in advance, or jump onto the call to speak and have your question workshopped during the session! All hot seat coaching sessions are recorded and uploaded for you to watch on the replay!

Add on private coaching with Ally! – do you desire to work on something specifically with a coach? Well, I’ve got your back! One off coaching sessions available with Ally at a special member rate.

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7 Pillar's of Bravery

In order to be brave quickly and with flow, there are 7 pillars of bravery that we must fulfil.
If any of these pillars are weak, you subconsciously create challenge for yourself in order to strengthen that pillar.
In the Continuously Brave Collective, there will be carefully curated masterclasses that fulfil all 7 of these pillars to ensure that you are getting guidance in all areas. (Plus, more will be added each month.)


See yourself as you truly are – amazing, talented, gifted and important to the world.


Identify the biggest, most important goals for your life that will make you feel alive, vibrant, and impactful, and start asking boldly and confidently for what you want, deserve, and desire.


Women so often fail to bravely challenge the status quo. They fail to say “no” publicly and privately to what is intolerable and unacceptable. They fail to do what’s necessary to risk, and say what needs to be said, with power and authority. Learn how to challenge what isn’t working, with clarity, authority, and power.


Life hurts (sometimes a lot), and can injure us badly. Every one of us has experienced some degree of trauma, pain, suffering, sadness, isolation and self-rejections. What can we do about it? We can learn how to heal ourselves through new steps, expansive mindsets, and powerfully helpful practices, commitments — and helpers — than will transform our lives.


Speak up and communicate bravely, confidently and authoritatively to share the real truth of what you think, feel and believe.


Stop networking and start truly connecting, from your spirit and your soul, to find inspiring role models, mentors, and supporters who will help you become a braver version of yourself, and make a true difference in your life and work.


Honor and leverage the fantastic talents and gifts you possess, and start using them in great service to others.

Simple Pricing

Continuously Brave


Yes! The Continuously Brave Collective is for anyone at any stage in their continuously brave journey. As long as you’re committed to learning and loving, you can join!

You can sign up to the waitlist here. The Continuously Brave Collective only open’s it’s doors every quarter so make sure your name is on the list!

Yes! The Continuously Brave Collective is open to anyone and everyone!

Currently the Continuously Brave Collective is a rolling membership which means you’re billed monthly. Quarterly and annual payments will be available soon!

Sorry that you want to leave! You can have full control of your plan from your account in the members area. You can also send me an email

Pound sterling (£).

Nope! You will keep the price that you joined at, unless you leave then you will have to pay the new price.