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3 Month 1:1 Coaching

I LOVE helping women create podcasts, it lights a fire inside of me and in particular I’m on a personal mission to get more women into podcasting. There aren’t enough women at the top in podcasting I don’t think!

I've seen my clients do amazing things!
  • Launch a podcast within seven days!
  • Receive eight 5 star ratings with the first 3 episodes!
  • Have consistent 1,000 downloads.
  • Gain clients.
  • Create group programs and courses and fully book them!

Are you wanting to launch a podcast or want to grow your existing podcast?

Do you need too:

Here's what I believe is possible for you:

A creative, impactful, sustainable podcast that helps you connect with and positively impact your audience!

And WHY do I believe this is possible for you? Because I’ve helped my client’s create just that! One of my core values is TRANSPARENCY which means I’ll help you cut through the crap of what you’re expected to and should do when launching and running a podcast and show you how you can make a podcast work for YOU, your life and business that’s creative, impactful and sustainable and still helps you connect with and positively impacts your audience!

Together we can:

This is for you if…

Here's What You Get...

Ready to get started?

Your Investment: £590

(or 2 monthly payments of £295 or 3 monthly payments of £197)