Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

  • I was going to do a wedding update today but in the end I just wasn’t feeling it. Hopefully I’ll do one later this month, although it’s nothing very exciting.
  • It’s only taken us five days to finally put some lights and baubles on our Christmas tree. The poor thing spent five days being completely ‘naked’. I’ve also only put about 1/3 of our decorations on it this year. I’m just not feeling it. We’ve watched a few Christmas movies and I’ve listened to some Christmas music but it’s not helped.
  • I’ve spent three half-days wrapping presents and writing Christmas cards. I really hope I don’t have to lick another Christmas card again until next year or I might be sick.
  • We received Christmas presents off my Mum today which was really nice. I know what one of my presents is just by the weight of it and I’m super excited to read it in the New Year. She’s such a generous Mummy!
  • Ry was super sweet and when he popped out for baking supplies he posted all my cards to friends and family far and wide, so tomorrow I just have to get a box and Jiffy bag to post families presents.
  • I’m (I think Ry is too) really missing home right now. We’ve not been able to visit this year and I’m missing the sandy beaches, the cold dark blue waves lapping at my feet, old friends, family, snow and the sense of belonging.


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