Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve

Just a sum-up post really…..

Christmas Eve wasn’t too bad, with the exception of after my shower my red glittery nails had turned white so I had to re-paint my nails before work! I worked a 7.5 hour shift instead of a 9 hour one, as although we closed at 5pm we had to put everything on sale for Boxing Day because sadly we were open on the Sunday. We could also dress up so I donned my red tights some fairy wings and a hair-band of daisy’s and spent the morning being a chocolate fairy handing out chocolates and the afternoon being a card fairy, putting out Valentines cards and marking down Christmas cards. All in all it wasn’t a bad day and I was happy to get home and relax and kick off my shoes.

Christmas Day snuggles.

Christmas Day. I woke up at 5am struggling to swallow and sadly was unable to go back to sleep. By 7am my guy was awake so we snuggled in bed while I was sneezing and feeling really sick and watched a Muppet’s Christmas Carol. By 10am I finally gave in after texting my Mum and we opened all our presents and we both got some lovely things. Even Evie got some lovely presents too! Ry ended up doing the Christmas cooking and I Skyped with my Mum and later Ry Skyped with his family and then we spent the rest of the day in front of the TV snuggled together. It was such a lovely stress free day except for getting sick.

New Years Eve. Was still sick so we got some yummy M&S chinese food and some wine and watched a couple a films. Not the New Years Eve we thought it would be but still a nice one nonetheless. Again another relaxed, chilled out holiday.

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