Christmas 2014 Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist 2014

I’ll be honest, I’m so not feeling Christmas-y this year at all! So I thought I’d make a Christmas wishlist and see if it helped.

Books! I’ve hardly bought any books this year and I’m really regretting it to be honest so I’ve picked the books I want the most from my Amazon wishlist.
#GIRLBOSS looks epic and very interesting, and well girl power and all that.
Archangel’s Shadows by Nalini Singh, I accidentally bought the kindle book instead of the actual book and I own the rest of the series so I need/want this one too. Plus it was a good read and I was so glad to have Javier and Ash’s story!
Alien Research, Alien Collective & Universal Alien by Gini Koch I’m so far behind on this series, ya see I was going to stop buying the books because I was running out of bookshelves, this was back in 2013 so I bought Alien Research as an ebook but couldn’t make myself read it because I own all the books and I love this series so I’m now three books behind. Need these ASAP! 

Skincare! All my skin has either run out or just about too run out so I thought adding them to by wishlist seemed like a good idea.
Lush Let The Good Times Roll scrub is amazing, I just finished my first pot and I’m addicted. It smells good and makes my skin nice and soft.
The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask I’m just about to finish my first tub of this and I’m so sad! It’s wonderful for my dry & dehydrated skin.
The Body Shop Aloe Vera Cleanser is meant to be really nice and gentle on your skin and I fancied a change from using a hot cloth cleanser.
The Body Shop Glazed Apple anything really. It all smells amazing!

Extras! Because there is more to life than skin care and books but not too much more! I’m in desperate need of some gloves with fingers as all my gloves are glittens and my fingers just can’t get warm, and I really need a new hat. Out of five I had, I’m down to one! 
Wild Fig Yankee Candle addicted to this! I’m sure this was in my Autumn wishlist as well.
Paperchase Floral Stem Deboss A5 Organiser I’m pretty sure it’s sold out now as I can’t find one but I want to go back to an A5 planner and I wanted something a bit more fun and this one does the trick!

P.S This didn’t make me feel more Christmas-y at all, it just made me feel ridiculously materialistic! Even though it’s all stuff I would spend my own money on so I don’t know why it makes me feel bad that I’d ask for these things as presents!

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