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April 15, 2016
Due to technical problems, (my laptop died a couple of weeks ago with zero warning it was going to go) I currently don’t have images for most of the posts I had planned, (tiny violin, amiright?) so looking thorough my draft posts that included pictures, there was this one!
Like a lot of other people, I’ve been working on a capsule wardrobe since 2014 because I’m not really a fan of clothes and I tend to wear the same pieces over and over again until they have holes or fall apart. But between Slimming World and my endometriosis I’ve lost so much weight most of my old clothes make me look like I’m playing dress up or that I’m wearing a sack.
I was on a search to find a pretty dress to ideally wear for my 10 year anniversary (that was in January) and wear during the winter months and maybe autumn/spring as well.
I dragged my husband to H&M to try on a dress that a sales assistant recommend to me back in November and my husband couldn’t help but shove other items of clothing at me to try on as well. I’m rubbish at picking clothes and on my own tend to go for more masculine pieces but my husband has a really good eye and I was happy to try on something different.

Black dress. From the work section. I loved this dress but talked myself out of it because it’s not what I went in for and I seriously regret not buying this. It would be a great piece for my capsule wardrobe because I could wear it all year round layered or not and dress it up and down. Why did I not buy this???
I’ve been in a few times since trying to find something really similar but sadly they don’t have anything yet.
Grey blazer. Even in an 8 it was too big and I refused to try on the 6 because it was sure it would still be too big in the same places.
Red scuba skirt. I loved this on the hanger but on me it just looked super awkward. But I really liked it paired with my baby pink tee. Most people hate this colour combo but seriously I really love red and baby pink together. Also this picture really makes me miss my long hair!
Black blazer. Another slightly masculine piece which I loved and really regret not buying. The cuffs, which were rolled up and the edge of the blazer were lined in fake leather and I seriously loved it. 
This is the dress I went to try on and left the shop with! The sales assistant got me to try it on back in November and it was really outside my comfort zone at the time because a) the colour and b) the style as I still look in the mirror and see a size 12 rather round petite person when now I’m actually between a 6 and an 8 depending on the shop and rather slim. I’ve loved wearing this dress when I’ve been able though and am so glad I went back for it.
These pictures are from way back in December 2015 and were taken in H&M Huddersfield by my husband and his iPhone 6. 

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