I’ve finally made the ‘jump’ from livejournal, it’s taken me a long time to decided to do this and I don’t know if I’ll really stick to it as I’ve been blogging and using livejournal since 2005 but I have high hopes and really want this to stick. I first had Within Dreams We Live set up as a play around blog on wordpress as I want to eventually move my book blog from blogger over to WordPress because *I think that I would benefit more from WordPress than I do from Blogger but I feel tied in because I bought my domain name and can only move it all once the year expires and my domain name is free again unless I want it to be called .net or .org which right now I don’t so I’m waiting until next year if I do decide to make that move.

*Edit’s have been made for this to make more sense since I moved this post from WordPress to Blogger to better explain my situation.

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