CB 004: Living A Nourishing Soulful Lifestyle with Peta The Kindness Coach

I’m delighted to share Peta of Nourishing Soulfully’s Continuously Brave journey. Peta is one of the sweetest, kindest people I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with online.

In This Episode Peta & I Talk About:

  • Her long health journey to get her diagnoses.
  • How her health journey and diagnoses inspired her food journey with plant-based eating and intuitive eating.
  • How Nourishing Soulfully is her side-hustle and hows she’s been making it work.
  • Her amazing goal for the year.
  • How Peta uses Instagram and Instagram stories and uses it as a positive platform and the creative aspect of Instagram.
  • Her Cats – Arthur, Katie, Tina and Albert.
  • Cat Dad and that popular wave.
  • Peta’s job.
  • How the weather can change her health and why being in Spain is working for her health.
  • The bravest thing Peta feels she has done so far.

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