9 Businesses You Can Start When You Have A Chronic Illness

June 15, 2017
9 Businesses You Can Start When You Have A Chronic Illness

I’m sharing with you 9 profitable online businesses that you could start today. I know how hard living with a chronic illness is and how you have to give up a lot of things like work because you’re just too ill to get out of bed. Which is one of the reasons why I highly recommend living the freelance life. But figuring what business you can start is really hard. I spent months in 2014 researching and figuring out what kind of business I could start, so here are 9 businesses you could start from your own bed.


1. Virtual Assistant

Being a VA is a really popular choice and a great way to start living the freelance life. You can offer lots of different services such as administration, technical or creative assistance remotely from your own home. If you already know how to blog you can offer to upload and format blog posts, create images. Even better you could offer copywriting by writing the posts or proofreading them as well. You can manage their social media and keep their site’s updated. You can research venues, setting up autoresponders, composing newsletters, and send invoices. The options are limitless, so whatever you feel you have knowledge in you can serve a wide audience globally.

2. Social Media Marketer

A social media marketer produce’s content that clients can share on their social media platforms. You can help them increase their exposure and widen their client reach. So long as you’re willing to learn and follow the trends of social media and how they can be used for business. You can do this by determining your client’s goals and what they want to achieve from their social media posts. You can manage other people’s and even company’s.

3. Digital Product Creator

You might have this amazing skill you want to share with people, but maybe you don’t want to work face to face or 1 to 1 with people or maybe you’re a total introvert and just don’t want to work with people, that’s totally fine. Digital product creators are huge right now. Whether that’s creating an ebook or an online course so long as you have a skill that you can convert into something then you can market that online without having any face to face action.

4. Graphic Designer

As there are so many different online businesses and a lot of them provide some kind e-commerce and services and a lot of them don’t have graphic design skills. Creating logos, advertising art, art for ebooks, social media content, and wedding stationery are just a few of the ways you could use this skill set.

9 Businesses You Can Start When You Have A Chronic Illness

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5. Website Designer/ Website Theme Builder

Just like graphic designers, not many people have the skills to create a beautiful website or want to do it themselves. Which is where you come in. You can create an awesome website for their business. However, if you don’t know code (HTML/CSS etc) there is a large amount of website theme’s already designed that once you’ve created the branding for you can alter for someone very simply without knowing how to code and still earn an income.

6. Coaching

Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries right now. There are so many people needing different kinds of help. You don’t need to have any kind of certification, but it does help. If you have an expert amount of knowledge on something whether it be business, finance, blogging, social media or fitness etc or if your willing to learn about it, then you can become an online coach. A friend of mine is passionate about fitness, he studied Sports and Exercise Sciences at University and now runs his own fitness coaching business, specialising in training people for triathlons.

7. Stock Photographer

If you take a look at my site you might notice that at least 70% of photos used are stock photos. People want pretty looking photograph’s whether it’s on their website or social media sites or even their ebook books. All you need is to have a camera and some understanding on how to use it. Then you can take amazing photos for a range of different industries and sell them on different platforms like Etsy or your own website. You could also provide a service to edit other people’s photos. As so many people know how to take photos but not as many know how to edit them.

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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8. Copywriter

Chances are if people are doing any of the jobs above, and people are! Then they need content to fill those websites, ebooks, blog posts, online courses, social media profiles etc. Most entrepreneurs struggle with writing their own content and don’t always have the time so they delegate those tasks to people who can do a better job of it than they can. You can write content for clients, bloggers and companies if you have a good understanding of the written word

9. An online community

You can build an online community of like-minded people. Whether that’s business orientated, health-related or something else. It’s great to build a community because being an entrepreneur can be lonely at times. While this is an awesome choice it is one of the options that can take the longest to generate income from unless you already have a large following or audience.

I hope these ideas help you decide what kind of business you could start.

9 Businesses You Can Start When You Have A Chronic Illness