You have something pretty magical things to share with the world and you’ve decided that having your own business is the best way to make this happen.

You’re not new to this business dream it’s been tugging at your attention for a while, for so long that you’ve now put in enough hours of study into internet-business-stalking to earn you an equivalent degree (majoring in free content).

Now it’s time to be continuously brave and make things happen.


You want a business that gives you freedom, meaning and money while you’re sick but you find yourself feeling hopeless when your brain fog settles in and frustrated that your health issues won’t get out of the way so you can just make some real progress toward your goals.

You’re struggling to figure out how to give your business the energy it needs to grow and flourish (in a way that you can maintain), while avoiding burn out and flare ups.

You keep coming back to the dream of having your own business that makes enough money yet has the flexibility and robustness to keep on keeping on during those inevitable flares or bumpy patches.

Basically, you need to know how to make your business and chronic illness go together like 

Your chronic illness and creative pursuits don’t fit the traditional model of working and living. So why should you have to?

Forging your own path is an integral part of building a business and life that fits you. But more often than not we just don’t have the energy or time to be battling health challenges and figuring out the way around the next obstacle that’s reared its head. You need someone to help you uncover what really works for you, to take high-impact action so you can build a business and life that thrives long-term.

During our coaching package, I work with you to get clear on your roadblocks, then develop the internal and external strategies to move past them so you can build a thriving business and life within your own (healthy & intentional) boundaries.

Ally helped me create a business around my disease. She helped me realise my ideal clients weren’t a dream and that I actually had a skill set I could create amazing services with. Ally is so fun to work with. She’s patient, she listens and most of all she knows about living and managing life with a chronic illness. I couldn’t have gotten this far without Ally’s insights!

Bee // Virtual Assistant


  • Transform your outlook on your business, health, and life.
  • Stop pushing yourself by applying the same rules that work for everyone else (‘work a few late nights, just give up some TV time, don’t stop till it’s done..’) only to end up wondering why it still isn’t working.
  • Change the productivity rules that don’t make sense and get clear on what really does works for you.
  • Set and stay accountable to your goals.
  • Develop a bullshit-free self-care routine that integrates with your life and business (NEWSFLASH: if you need to sleep until noon everyday because you have to or you want to you can and still be successful).
  • Create feel-good work habits that keep you and your business going strong.
  • Do work that makes you proud and fills your soul.

Ally is an expert in her field. A real must if you’re looking for creative ideals and practicable support for running your own business with your illness. She’s helped me set the basics and foundations of what I’ll need to start and run my business next year after I graduate after University. I enjoyed working with Ally and I highly recommend her services wholeheartedly.

Kat // Soon To Be Business Owner



Every other week we’ll jump on a 60 minute coaching call together. We’ll start with our first coaching call by chatting about your health and your business and the challenges you’re facing. I’ll share some tools and techniques to help you with your mindset as well as holding space for you to talk through the challenges you’re facing.

During each call we’ll chat a bit about your health, how we can make that season of your health work with your business and other hurdles you may be facing. 

Tasks, goals, and intentions to keep you moving forward

You’ll leave each call with homework and direction so you’re never left wondering what you should do next! 

Priority Support

Trying to run a business with an illness isn’t easy and changing the beliefs that you’ve held for so long isn’t easy. There will be wobbles on your way, and sometimes these will show up in between our calls. Which is why I offer unlimited priority support to you via email, DM’s and voice notes while we’re working together.

So when you need some additional support, or maybe you just want to bounce ideas around with someone, you don’t need to wait until our next session – I’ll be available to provide feedback or just lend a listening ear whenever you need me.

Access To Other Resources

During our time working together, I’ll provide you with all the training’s, workbooks, templates, and tutorials that you need throughout the duration of the program or any other tools and resources that I’ve created 

Plus A Little Welcome Gift From Me

I also like to spoil my clients so you can expect some unexpected gifts and goodies along the way.

Total Investment:


Pay in full or 2 payments of £222 or 3 payments of £148.


As a business coach for women with chronic illnesses, I help you discover the business of your dreams and the best ways to build your foundations and market your story and find your strengths to stand out online. 

No two coaching packages are the same as I create custom strategies that are aligned with you just for you.

Plus I know how important self-care is when having a chronic illness and like to include it in my strategies and training’s. I’m also a big fan of woo, tapping into your intuition, journaling, meditation, manifesting and visualisation. If you’ve always wanted to learn more these then we’re a match made in heaven!


I’m here to cheer you on. I promise you that I will show up for you.
I will help you turn your fears into triumph, your doubt into confidence, and your shame into a vibrant, powerful story of strength.
I promise you that investing in yourself is the most valuable investment you will ever make.
I promise you that you are worth it.
Give yourself permission.


I get asked this question a lot but I don’t put you through some kind of special test to see if you’re ‘sick enough’ (I’m not that kind of weirdo!). If you struggle with health limitations that are a wee bit more complex than your common cold, then yeah, all of this is talking directly to you! This includes living with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, ADHD etc.

I have lots of interest and experience in running your own business, but my coaching spans across this whole wondrous thing called life. If you have no interest in creating your own business (or you just aren’t there yet), I’d still love to help you with your personal goals. Reach out to me to see how I can help.

Some of my clients don’t directly talk about their illness each session—it’s something that’s addressed and understood at the start of our work together, and comes up whenever it’s relevant. As long as your resistance isn’t full-on denial (which it obviously isn’t, since you’ve made it this far down the page!) then I’m very probably pretty likely the perfect coach for you. Reach out to me to feel it out.

No. I’m not here to help you fix or change your chronic illness. I’m in the business of helping you fit your chronic illness into your life. (Also, yoga, apple cider vinegar or cutting out everything under the sun will not cure all autoimmune disease—it needs to be said.)

I use a standard 24-hour cancellation window but allow for a few “sick days” for both you and I, where either of us can cancel the day of our call because of #alltheflares. That’s the beauty of working with a coach who deals with chronic illness, just like you.