Bunny Inspired

October 14, 2011

Since getting Evie I’ve become quite interested in anything bunny related. I’ve found that there hasn’t been anything in particular that’s triggered this interested other than us getting Evie as before that I was very much into penguins. When I went to visit my Mum she bought me a bunny bead for my pandora bracelet which has since started my little obsession.

You can get the bead from any pandora store or you can buy it from John Greed for £25 plus P+P. Which is where my Dad had got my bracelet from and two beads so I know from experience that it has a good service.

A’la Gala Daring has become great inspiration for wanting some bunny ears as she’s quite fond of hers and has several pairs that she wears often. How cute are her lace ones? Seriously want some in my life even if I never wear them out of the flat.

I find Jenny from Sailboat to be great inspiration of bunny related things since she too has a rabbit, called Ralphie. She recently posted about this bunny necklace just £12 from Love Heats and Crosses Jewellery that I plan on buying really soon. Jenny also posts random bunny related things in her Monday Lust List like this bunny jumper.

Then there was that time when there was a bunny dress! However I missed out on that and haven’t been able to find one on ebay as of yet. Le sigh! But Temporary Secretary posted some lovely pictures of her wearing it. Which makes me want it all that more.
I’m sure there are plenty of other bunny related things out there but these are the current ones that have caught my eye and interested and inspired me.