Book Buying Ban and the Results

August 25, 2014
book buying ban buys
I wasn’t going to write this post here but I thought why not. During lent I gave up buying books. Only books not ebooks. Part of this was because we had moved and we were living with my Mum so really there wasn’t any room for me to store any books I bought and partly because of a lack of money, and I wasn’t giving up chocolate for the third year in a row just to fail it again.

book buying ban
So off I went with my noble intentions not to buy any books for 40 days. I thought it was going to be super hard and I’d have lots of problems. Weirdly enough I didn’t. I’d made a plan to buy Concealed in Death as my present for not buying any books during my ban {it felt only fitting} and no-one had bought it for me for my birthday {it was on my wishlist} and I really wanted it.

concealed in death
Seriously addicted to J.D Robb’s In Death series, even though I’m about seven books away from this one, my last book {Thankless in Death} was in hardback and I wanted the next hardback so they would match on my book shelf. Yep, I’m that kind of book person.
So I did the book ban no real problems at all. I saw I Quit Sugar in the supermarket with my Mum and went back and bought it when the ban was finished but that was the only book I saw and really wanted. 

My problems really happened after the ban was over. You see I’ve only bought three books since my book buying ban has ended. I even waited just over week after the ban was over to buy Concealed in Death. I bought I Quit Sugar just after the ban before we moved, then Concealed in Death, then I received a copy of One Day from a friend and then a month or two after I bought What to Expect Before You’re Expecting because it was £1.99 on Amazon, and that’s it. I haven’t bought a book since!
I feel like I have issues now not because there aren’t books I want to buy, it’s just that I can’t make myself buy them. The amount of times I’ve stepped into Waterstones and picked up a clothbound issue of Emma and then put it back down is ridiculous! Or been unable to press the buy now button on Amazon. I need help! To make me buy books. Ironic isn’t it? Or is it? I guess the book buying ban worked too well.