Blue Compact Finsbury

I bought the Blue Compact Finsbury back in December. I can’t believe I’m only getting round to mentioning it now but I am. I owned it for two days before sending it back. I adored the colour, it’s a beautiful vivid blue, when filofax do coloured filofax’s they do the colours well I think and I liked the texture of the filofax but I really didn’t like the firm, stiffness of the actual binder. Although I’ve read how on Philofaxy the stiffness will diminish over time with use, I didn’t fall in love instantly with it like I had with my yellow Finchley Filofax. So it had to go back.

It is such an amazing vivid blue though, if I could have gotten over the stiffness of the binder I would have kept it on the colour alone because it’s a really lovely colour. The second picture shows the colour better but I can’t figure out why it’s upside down, because it’s not saved upside down on my laptop. Oh well.
Good-bye my precious!

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