Blouse Wishlist

December 9, 2013

Shirt Wishlist

 1. cameo rose dark red pussy bow blouse, 2. cream embellished yoke long sleeve blouse, 3. Kelly Brook white contrast eyelash lace shoulder blouse, 4. black spotty contrast collar.

Every six months I go through my wardrobe, I rearrange the order in which my clothes hang. Cosy clothes at the front during Autumn/Winter and lighter clothes at the front for Spring and Summer. I also go through and pull out any clothes I haven’t worn during this time and put them in piles in whether they need altering or to give to charity. I then sit down and work out why I haven’t worn certain items and if it’s because of weight gain or loss, I don’t have something to wear with it or if it’s not something I’d really wear and in which case I tell myself off because it’s a waste of good money.
I’m pretty strict about doing this too. Although I have a box for special items that I don’t wear for certain reasons, the skirt ripped in a none fixable way, but holds a special place in my heart, it was a 21st birthday present and I got a lot of wear out of it. There’s only 5 items in this box right now and one of them is/was my Dad’s jumper so I’m not hoarding lots of clothes I can’t part with.
I did my usual wardrobe haul halfway through Autumn and realised while I was missing some thinner tights, thanks for the awfully warm weather right now Plymouth! I needed a long sleeved blouse, preferably with a collar.
While I’m still umming and ahhhing over which one to buy I thought I’d share the ones I found my most favourite, they’re all from from New Look. Which is where I bought my summer sleeveless blouses so that makes sense to me.

Does anyone else have season clothing, wardrobe hauls?