Blogmas Day 6: Unravelling

December 6, 2012

I’ve had a lovely day off today. I’m really not looking forward to working six days in a row starting tomorrow, but at least they’re not all full days. I have quite a few four or five hour shifts which should make it bearable.

Anyway, today was a really good day partly because we got to sleep in til 9am! Major win for me as I normally start work at 8am which means my alarm going off at 6…ish, not fun. Also the second point and the best point really was the post we received.
Adore this series.
Hoping to start this tonight!
Erm.. whoops?
Close-up. The lighting sucks sorry!

Precious gifts from my Mum to open on Christmas day.
She even put some chocolate in for us!

And I finally managed to print out Susannah Conway
Unravelling The Year Ahead 2013!
Our stupid printer kept saying paper jam while I was trying to print it out for my filofax! So it took three time as long to print out (workbook for free here). But I’m super happy I’ll have one with me at all times now and a slightly more detailed one at home. I did the one for last year too but I put it in my A5 filofax and I hardly used my A5 filofax so it ended up being a bit of a waste really. But I’m excited to do this one and really think about the year ahead as next year is going to be such a big year for us (fingers crossed!).