Blogmas Day 5: Wedding Update…

December 5, 2012
Today I’m tired, headachey and feeling a little sick the long hours and early morning’s are slowly killing me, thankfully though there’s only a few weeks left and then I’ll have zero hours, so it’s a pretty simple post today. I’m slowly trying to finalize wedding plans but it’s so hard because I’m really not sure what I want so I’m reading lots of magazines for inspiration.

My slightly unimpressed face after a day of Christmas shopping and accidently trying on my first wedding dress just to rule out long wedding dresses. I am definitely ruling out long wedding dresses. I tried on a long very pretty Grecian wedding dress from Monsoon and it just didn’t look right at all. However if it had worked there was a pretty blue one for my maid of honour but I’m kind of glad it didn’t work out because I’m sure that style of dress isn’t ideal for January or what I was really looking for.