Blogmas Day 3: Nearly There

I did a post similar to this one last year called It’s Christmas Time… 
I’m on my fourth year of living in Plymouth and it’s still strange how unprepared for Christmas I am because the weather really isn’t anything like it is up North. I am slowly adjusting. I know if we went back up North now I’d be in for such a shock!
Although I started Christmas shopping at the end of September, talk about prepared! I’m still not done. I’m really close to being finished but I’m waiting til Wednesday to order a package from Amazon for my last little bits, and I need to buy a present for my secret Santa at work.
Then I have to wrap everything. That’s my least favourite part of it all. The wrapping. It takes ages and I’m really rubbish at it. I’m trying to do a bit each night after work. Tonight I wrapped all of Ryan’s gifts while he’s doing a late shift, it’s the only time I would be able to do it, and I had to fight the bunnies over the roll wrap!
Tomorrow I plan to try and wrap my Mum’s and her husband’s gifts then Wednesday I’m going wrap Ryan’s family’s present and then we’ll be able to send them Thursday/Friday. Although I’m fairly sure Ryan hasn’t actually bought any Christmas presents other than for my Mum and her husband because I told him exactly what to buy but I can always bully convince him into buying present’s this week as he has some free time from University. Especially when I can’t remember when the last post is.
Has anyone else nearly finished Christmas shopping yet?

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