Blogmas Day 18: Currently Reading

December 18, 2012
Did anyone notice I didn’t do blogmas yesterday? No. Great. After finishing a nine hour hectic shift yesterday I only remembered about blogmas as I was snuggled in bed at 10pm. Le sigh. So this is a mixture of yesterday’s post and today’s post, as I did pretty much the same thing but with a different book. A nice hot bubble bath, a drink and a good book to de-stress and relax with before Ryan came home from work. A small perk for starting work early is finishing earlier than regular hours. 
I really can’t get over that it’s taken me a week to finish Alien Vs Alien. But I’ve mostly been reading it at work on my breaks and at lunch or in the bath, as by the time tea’s cooked, we’ve watched something, chatted and played with the bunnies it’s bedtime for me so that’s been my only free time. Happily one great thing about Alien Vs Alien is there are quite a few short chapters some are only three pages long, so it makes it a great book to read at work as you can easily reach a chapter to stop reading at, put it down and pick it back up easily.
There’s a total of 104 chapters, this is where I got up to after my bath and I finished it last night. Looking forward to reading the next one in May.