Blogmas Day 16: Edge of Dawn

December 16, 2012

Sometimes I really regret living in a rather large apartment building. Although it’s great for security and safety it’s a nightmare in other areas. When it rains hard, the building leaks. Or sometimes idiots accidentally set off the fire alarm when they’re drunk or don’t understand a fire exit isn’t a normal exit. Like the wee early hours of this morning for example, 5:09am really. The fire alarm goes off for nearly ten minutes. You start to panic after a little while that it’s going off for real instead of some idiot setting it off, but it takes some time for the guy who runs the building to check whether it’s real or not and if it’s not then it gets turned off and if it’s really we wait generally ten minutes before exiting our apartment. The problem is it’s not an unusual habit in our building. Hence waiting about ten minutes before leaving. It’s the first time it’s happened since we got Oscar in April, who bless him got really wide-eyed and scared, so really it’s not as usual as it used to be. But it’s a bit like being back at University and in the middle of the night you’d be outside in your pj’s, blurry eyed thinking…again?!
The difference is the rent is much higher and I’m well past my University years but it still keeps happening. It’s not been as frequent as it as it used to be but it always seems to happen in the ungodly hours of sleeping! Which really can start to get on your last nerves. It also makes me feel for the families in our building, there’s quite a few people with young children and I can only imagine how awful it must be for them to hear that noise in the middle of their sleep and scare them.
So today I’m sleep deprived, tired, annoyed and missing having our own little house where this sort of thing wouldn’t really happen.