Blogmas Day 15: Blue Eyes

Stop taking pictures of me stare
No we didn’t buy a cat. This is my Mum’s cat from when we went home to visit in June. 
I miss Chi. He would always come an snuggle with you, whether you were well or not. The bunnies don’t really do that. Unless you lay on the floor, then Oscar will stand or sit on you and Evie will come to rest near your arm for strokes and possible cuddles but she won’t really snuggle up like a cat will.
Which brings me to, I nearly didn’t blog today. I’m tired and not feeling well. The food from last night didn’t agree with me so I’ve been a bed monkey all day. I feel that I should have at least had several drinks with the way I felt instead of just the one I had. Still lucky I had today off and tomorrow too. I’m not looking forward to my stupidly long Monday shift, 7:30-4:30 will in all likeliness kill me or possibly make me cry and I can’t even blame my shift on Christmas being only 10 days away, oh no we have a table change to do so we have to come in when it’s still dark outside and I won’t be leaving til it’s dark again. Le sigh!

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