Blogmas Day 13: Together Time

December 13, 2012
Penguin lights
Not the best picture but I found these lights today while we were doing a whole flat mega clean up. My Mum sent them last year, I think she bought them from a Garden Centre but they’re adorable little penguins with hat’s and scarf’s. I couldn’t resist putting them up above my desk. I need to take a picture during the day time to show how tacky/cute they are but we spent all the morning and early afternoon winter cleaning the flat for Christmas Day and for friends coming round tomorrow night. Then we went out for extra cleaning supplies as we used a lot of things up, and by the time we stepped back out of the shop it was dark. Such is the way of things at the moment. 
Ryan got his work timetable today while we were in town and we have one day a week off together until the New Year which I’m really pleased about. As it’s so hard to spend as much time together now when we have different shifts, his are 10am til 6:30pm while mine are mainly 8am til 4pm’s so a few hours after he comes home I’ll be going to bed. Thankfully there’s only 12 days of this madness left.
While I’ll be slightly sad to see 2012 go, it’s been an up and down year, there are so many exciting things happening in 2013 for us and some greatly, brilliant possible things too so I really hope these remaining days go quite quickly.

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