Blogmas Day 12: Slimline Metropol Filofax

I bought the Metropol Simline Filofax from the Danish Filofax store back in March and spent the first few months unsure if I even actually liked it. But it grew on me. I think really I was unsure about going from leather back to plastic but to be honest it’s faired really, really well and I couldn’t be happier in my choice because the colour is so fabulous and happy compared to the colours of the leather slimline’s.
It’s been so much easier to carry this around in my handbag and not weigh it down as much as my yellow finchley had.
When you open it up, I’ve got a cut out from some wrapping paper Ryan got me from Paperchase and a little sticky to do list.
My first section is only marked by my today ruler and it’s my diary pages which are a week per page.
My first marked section is marked by those Martha Stuart for Avery tabs and says Book Stuff. It contains lots of different book things. I have a list of books to read & a pre ordered section for my Kindle and for actual books that I’ve ordered and how much they will cost me. Then a release date section, which is just a rough draft but I mainly just put them on a coloured sticky tab and add them to the correct date’s in my diary section. There’s a list of read books. I have a list of requested reviews that I have to write. Then I have a section for Swept Away Again about reviews I want to write and hopefully what I want to do with my blog in 2013.

Some of the sections are used more than others, such as my read list for each month so there’s a handy side tab for me to quickly get to that page. Along with blog planning, although that’s a work in progress or I’m planning for it to be.

Then I have a Other tab. Which contains bills to pay and outstanding debt and other such mundane things. I have a Christmas Card list and a present list not shown because certain people might read this ha!
Lastly I have a cute little drawing a friend did and a transparent envelope which always contains stamps, sticky notes and some cinema tickets.
Include two sheets of plain paper and a to do sheet and that’s everything my slimline can hold! Which is a little disappointing because there are no 2013 diary sheets nor addresses in there right now. Also the pen loop is on the left and it damages my pages so I often either carry a pen separately or I use the clip part of it and stick that through the pen loop but if it’s a lidded pen it often falls off. So I’ve been thinking of upgrading slightly to a compact filofax but I’m not sure if the rings will really be that much different.

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