Blogmas Day 10: Sleepy Drivel

December 10, 2012

I wish I could do this right now (above picture!). I’m so tired. My eyes won’t stop watering, I’m that tired. Today was a looong day. Not so much as time dragged but so much had to be done and it’s 15 days til Christmas and the shop is busy, especially during lunch time which seems to range from 11 til 3. It didn’t help that we stayed up late last night to watch The Bourne Legacy. And by late I mean 11:30pm! I’m normally in bed somewhere between 9 and 10pm.
Tonight we’ve watched The Expendables 2 and it was very different from the first one to say the least. I was about to drag myself bed when I remembered I’d totally forgotten to do blogmas! D’oh!
So here I am. Sat on the sofa typing lots of nonsense when really I want to be curled up in bed so that’s what I’m going to do. But I have to mention, I bought my dress for my work night out on Friday! I’m so excited it’s been forever since I’ve gotten dressed up, put on some heels and gone out, and I do mean forever!
As I can’t say be less busy tomorrow as this time of year is always busy, I’ll say goodnight sleepy world please be as nice to me tomorrow as you’ve been with me today!