Blogmas Day 1 & 2: Sundays & A Ramble

After seeing Anna Saccone’s blog post about Blogmas, I’ve decided to participate. Due to the fact that this blog has taken a bit of a back seat in my life partly because I’ve been trying to get Swept Away Again back up and running and also because I don’t know what to write about here other than the occasional Filofax post’s!
I’ve been struggling with what’s too personal and what’s not and finding the balance really hard. Which is where Blogmas comes into it. For the entire month I’m going to just blog whatever I want to blog about, whatever comes to mind really and then see how I feel about the content after the month.

Sundays are (generally) one of my day’s off during the week and I tend to end up doing the majority of the housework on Sundays. Then spend the rest of the day relaxing, playing with the bunnies, reading watching Poirot and waiting for Ryan to come home from work. This is how I spent Sunday 25th November 2012 and most Sundays come to think of it! It’s rather picture heavy.

After making Ryan breakfast and he’s gone to work, I shower and then jump back in bed and watch a week’s worth of YouTube videos via apple tv.
After YouTube I decide it’s time to clean the fridge because it’s been smelling a bit weird in there. Normally I pick a room or a big item to clean or tidy. Today I’m actually doing the bedroom!
After cleaning the fridge I release that the cupboards look a bit dirty and it takes me an hour to clean them all. We have a lot of cupboards!
By 1pm I’m feeling a bit peckish and decide to sit down for lunch.

After lunch I fold all the clean towels and put them away, after all they’ve got to be dry now as they’ve been drying since Thursday (eeek!)

The washing is done and I can’t ignore it any more,  I deal with that. Need clean shirt’s for work tomorrow. I’m doing this today too!

I think about start reading Iced, I prefer the book without the cover jacket on.

Instead I decide to watch Death on the Nile… again!

Then it’s time to play with Evie, Oscar won’t leave her alone so she’s very grumpy. She’s playing with a massive cardboard Christmas tree that Ryan got them. Oscar is hiding while I’m play with Evie. He got a soaking from the spray bottle.

Finally I make some time to write some book reviews for Swept Away Again.

Then I may or my not have fallen asleep. I go to get things ready for work tomorrow and Evie stalks me to the bedroom and decides to play with Ryan’s clothes.

To pass time waiting for Ryan to come home so we can have dinner I play Hay Day. Look at those fat little pigs! I’m not addicted to it at all. Honest.

After that I kind of forgot to take any more pictures but not long later Ryan came home, we had dinner and watched some recorded tv, played with the bunnies then watched a film in bed.

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