Birthday Wishlist!

My creation
A week tomorrow I’ll be celebrating my birthday. I’ll be another year older and possibly wiser so I thought I’d share my dream wishlist. Some of these items I have actually asked for but not many of them.
Bunny Ring Holder – I saw this on Jennie May’s blog and now I really want this bunny ring holder to hold my engagement ring during the night and eventually my wedding ring.
More J.D Robb In Death Books – Cannot get enough of this series, I’ve ran out of books to read though and need some more soon asap. I’m thinking of treating myself to a couple of them and I’ve already asked my mum for a couple more too.
Compact Osterley Filofax in Orange – This is a bit of a fantasy wish as I can’t really justify spending this much on an organiser unless I sell all my other ones but I would love to own it especially in orange, it’s my dream filofax.
White iPad mini – This one may become a reality if I’m a really lucky girl, (winknudgewinkRyan) but ultimately it’s another fantasy wish because of the high price tag. But I’d love to read on this, play on the internet and blog.
Rizzoli and Isles Season 1 – I’ve seen a couple of episode’s of season 2 and then recorded it on Sky now Season 3 is starting so I’d really like to see Season 1 so I can start at the beginning.
A handbag – I need a new handbag, the stitching on the lining of my last one is falling apart. Ideally I’d love a yellow one as this has been on my wishlist since last summer when I fell in love with a yellow Radley handbag but at £125 it was rather out of my price range for a handbag, so now I’m just looking for a reasonably priced yellow handbag. {edit: which I found in TK Maxx for £29!}
Perfume Taylor Swift Wounderstruck, The Body Shop Mango & NYC by SJP – I always seem to be running out of perfume so I’d love any of the ones mentioned.
Spookie momiji doll – I really love the momiji dolls and am slowly building a nice collection. I’d love to add Spookie and Curiosity to my ever growing collection.
Yankee Candle – My last Yankee candle ran out just after New Years so I really need a nice smelling candle in my life. I really prefer the Jelly Bean ones but they’re really hard to find so a Yankee will have to do.

Things I didn’t put in this picture but would also like
A cup of tea in bed – that I didn’t have to make!
Miso Chiffon Bow dress – Every other year I get a birthday dress. 2013 is the year for a birthday dress & I’m down to two, this is one of them.
Lots of hugs – I’m always an emotional mess on my birthday since my Dad passed away, actually since the first birthday he was in hospital and I couldn’t talk to him. So lots of affection is always nice.
A haircut – I’m ashamed to admit it but my last haircut was before my Mum’s wedding. But I can’t remember when, either May or June so I really need a haircut but I don’t want to loose the length. Which is why I keep putting it off.
New glasses – & a sight test. I get my eyes tested regularly (every two years) but as they only dropped 0.5 in my last test I didn’t bother getting new glasses. Which was a mistake, my current pair my Mum bought me for my 21st. They’re most definitely maybe a little bit scratched and chipped after all the love and care I’ve given them.
Naked Basics eye shadow palette – I’ve been lusting after both Naked palette’s for a while now but I much prefer matte eye shadow’s so this really is a must for me.

These past few weeks I’ve been having highs and lows about celebrating my birthday. This has become a regular occurrence since I lost my Dad a week after my birthday in 2010. Nothing’s ever been the same since. Even though I try to wrap my head around this, it’s always difficult. Treating it like any other day doesn’t work either so this year I’m going to try something different. A little help from my friends.

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