Birthday Girl…

On Friday I turned 26! It was a really nice, relaxed day spent with my guy, Evie and a friend with several phone conversations and a skype conversation with my Mum and her partner. My birthday plans were dashed a little due to wanting to see the new Underworld film, we didn’t realise that our small cinema round the corner from where we live had stopped showing it on Tuesday so we just stayed in with some tasty M&S food and birthday cake and vegged out in front of the telly.

In the morning Ryan let Evie out so she could play with all the paper, instead she made a straight beeline for the bed and was determined to investigate all the presents. Just in case they were really meant for her! She was disappointed and instead went to go and play in Ryan’s clothes, while we had breakfast in bed (that I didn’t have to make!)
Throughout the day I received some really lovely presents from Ryan, my Mum and a friend. But the best part happened to be my home made birthday cake that Ryan made for me. He’s made me one every year since we moved down to Plymouth and I always look forward to eating them. This year’s cake was a nutella chocolate cake! 
Because my birthday plans had been dashed a little and Ryan had Saturday off from work we made some more plans that again didn’t turn out how I expected at all. I was in for a major surprise. But more on that in a later post!
Sorry for the picture quality, all pictures taken using my iphone!

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