August Goals

I didn’t make a single resolution for 2017. Mostly because I tend to do these things in December/January and I spent December and January in the hospital. So, I’ve decided to come up with at least three monthly goals if I am able. Which I hope will keep me focused on what’s important and what I want to do and achieve.


Attend hospital appointment. Oh yeah! Done! You can check out my video about our IVF video

Read x3 business books. Yes!
Record endo diary series. YES! As I mentioned you can find all the videos here!
Finish 10-day journaling course. Nope! Started writing my ebook instead.
Take 3-5 beta clients. So close but I only got two beta test clients.Three out of five ain’t bad and my last one was super close which I’m super pleased about because I’m really enjoying mentoring.

Now Goals For August:

Read Marketing Playbook by Lisa Jacobs. I bought this months ago and completely forgot about it and I love the information Lisa provides so I need to move this to the top of my list.

Finish writing my ebook Shine Bright with Confidence. It’s for my opt-in and I’m really enjoying writing it but the last full week of July was bad because I got sick so I took a break from writing and need to schedule a time to finish it. Sign up to receive it for free as soon as it’s released!

Take a 4 day weekend. The weekend of the 11th my brother-in-law and his girlfriend are coming to stay with us and my husband has managed to get four days off in a row, which in August, working in retail is a miracle and I really want to spend some quality time with him and our family and not be working.

Load up my Etsy store. Last year I created a bunch of logos and decided to create an Etsy shop but what held me back was writing the how to edit them guide but I’ve finally figured out what to write so I can now start putting them up once it’s written.

Four super simple goals for August. What are your goals for August?

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