August Empites

As I spent the end of August struck down by a nasty virus I can’t remember any of my favourite things for that month that weren’t health related like lemon & barley water and pain-killers and naps. So I thought I’d share my empties. Nothing exciting really but something a little bit different.

  August Empties
Garnier Olia Conditioner
It’s not love but it’s a freebie with my favourite hair colour but I’m always happy to use it up and throw it away.

The Body Shop Almond shower gel
A gift from Kelly and I’m so sad it’s now empty I keep meaning to see if I can re-buy it but I’ve got quite a few shower gels to use up. I think shower gel is my weakness but I really love the almond.
The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Conditioner
I like this, it’s not love because it’s not thick enough for me personally but I always seem to buy it when I’ve got £5 to claim back on my body shop love to shop card.
Radox Shea Bubble Bath
My favourite bubble bath ever! I’ve used so many bottles of this stuff, it’s ridiculous. Especially as most of the time you can buy a bottle for £1. It smells great and it makes my skin nice and soft.
Nothing really exciting this month. I might do it again next month to see if it’s a bit more interesting although I know for a fact the conditioner and bubble bath will be in there again. Addicted!

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