Around the time I was twenty-three I noticed my first grey hair, which really bumped me out because I hate hair dye. Really, really, truly dislike it more than I dislike grey hair but these past few months I’ve been finding a new grey hair nearly every month! It’s really been annoying me because I haven’t even hit my twenty-sixth birthday so last week I picked up hair dye that I thought resembled my natural hair colour, crossed my fingers and my toes and dyed my hair… to cover the greys! 
(Rolls eyes) 
Happily it worked fine and my hair stayed exactly the same colour and I didn’t stain any of the bathroom walls with said hair dye, which is often what happened in the past when I dyed my hair. However, I can already tell you this will not be a monthly thing for me and will eventually back to gripping about grey hair’s because I’m just not a fan of dying my hair. If I’m really lucky my boyfriend will dye it for me but it doesn’t make me like it any less. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to accept these random grey hair’s that keep sprouting on my head until I hate grey hair more than I hate hair dye!

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