Are You Aching To Unleash That Fire In Your Soul And Let Your Podcast Out?

Are You Ready To Make An Impact?

Hey! I'm Ally Grace Muir.

But you can just call me Ally.

It’s so good to e-meet you!

I’m a podcast coach and strategist as well as being a podcaster and chronic illness warrior. I help online coaches build a community of ideal clients through podcasting while eliminating the scary technical-know how.

I fell in love with podcasts back in 2015 when I started my business and over the years have watched how podcasting has grown and changed and the many ways people have podcasted.

Podcasting Either Puts A Fire In Your Soul... Or It Doesn't.

My guess is that podcasting does put a fire in your soul and you’re reading this because of that fire!

According to mypodcastreviews.com/stats there are 470,000 podcasts that constantly produce new episodes and roughly 46% have released more than 10 shows.

If you’re worried it’s too late to launch your own podcast or that there are plenty of podcasts in your niche already, think again.

Here’s a different way to look at this.

Did You Know That...

There are over 600 million blogs with 31 million active bloggers posting at least once per month?

There are over 30 million YouTube channels with more than 500 hours of content being uploaded every single minute?

According to Facebook, there are over 500 million active users using Instagram daily?

The bottom line?

Now is the time to go all in with podcasting!

In 2020, if you have a business, why don't you have a podcast?

If you have a fire in your soul for a particular topic, no matter how niche it is, you need to have a podcast. As a podcast coach and a podcaster myself I have a bit of a biased opinion. But over the last 30 months podcasting has grown 2.5 times and by the end of 2020 it’s expected this number will increase to at least 50% and there will be 1,500,000 podcasts if not more!

Are you ready to share that fire in your soul whether a podcaster, a podcast guest or a fan of podcasts now is the time to have your own podcast and share your fire with the world!


My Mission Is To...

help, support, inspire + empower online coaches who have a fire in their soul for a particular topic and to help them turn that into a podcast with while eliminating the scary technical know how.
I know that by helping them share their voice, message and stories with the world they will build a community of ideal clients.

Six Things About Me...

  1. I’m a fan of slow living and minimalism and have been embracing both since 2016. Also my word for 2020 is simplifying.
  2. My extra business essentials include a notebook, an oracle deck, a rose quartz crystal [from my Dad’s collection] and always a peppermint tea.
  3. Reading is one of my favourite things. I read roughly 200 books a year. There isn’t anywhere I wouldn’t read and I will happily miss watching TV to read. My favoruite books include but are not limited to This I Know by Susannah Conway, The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein, Let It Out by Katie Dalebout and anything by Nora Roberts.
  4. My guilty pleasures are not limited to but including watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians, eating my husband’s homemade pizza (I ask for it every week!), napping on the sofa and being a little too TMI.
  5. For the past 14 years I’ve lived with a chronic illness called Endometriosis and Adenmyosis which affects my reproductive health and has just really changed how I live my life and how I now view living. Slow living for the win!
  6. Which has made me super passionate about raising awareness about endometriosis, adenmyosis and periods.

The Fire In My Soul...

I fell in love with podcasts in 2015 when I first listened to Jen Carrington’s Make It Happen podcast when I started my business. I loved how I felt more intimately connect to Jen and her guests and the stories they shared compared to blogging. Actually being able to hear their voices in my own home was game changing for me. I just hadn’t realised it yet.

I then spent two years thinking about starting my own podcast. Dithering between focusing solely on living with endometriosis (my chronic illness) or widening the parameters and opening it up to more possibilities.

I was full of self-doubt and fear.

How I could make it happen?
Which was the right hosting platform.
What kind of podcast format should I have?
What were my goals with it?
I didn’t have the right equipment. 

While the dithering wasn’t great I was so proud of myself when I start my podcast Continuously Brave in 2019 it has been one of the best things I’ve done and it’s opened up a world of possibilities for me. I’ve connected with some wonderful human beings and gotten to know my audience more too.

One of the reasons I’ve loved podcasts so much in the last five years is that in the darkest of times, podcasts have been there for me. An easy connection just in my pocket, a simple connection from just a touch of a button, voices of people I know and admire sharing their knowledge and wisdom and their own personal insights to  deepen that human connection when some days that actual human connection hasn’t been possible, well it’s just been game changing.

With the unknowing support of these amazing podcasters in my pocket, I gained the courage to start my own podcast and build my knowledge on this platform that can help you reach and connect with an untold number of people. Podcast changed my world by opening it up to more

 More connections. More community. More impact.

But none of that work’s if you don’t have a passion. A fire in your soul, that lights up in your belly and pushes you to talk, talk and talk about it.

Are You Ready To Unleash That Fire In Your Soul?