I’m Ally Grace Muir. But you can just call me Ally.

I’m a business coach for women with chronic illnesses based in the UK. 

I know what living with a chronic illness is like because I’ve officially been living with Endometriosis since 2006, I’ve been through several surgeries and it’s dramatically effected my life in ways I never thought possible. But it’s not held me back from living a life I love and am proud of.


You’ve decided that what you want most is to have your own business

—so you can take back control of your finances + health, and do what lights you up.

  • You’re a creative, open-minded, open-hearted human who’s thought, ‘I’d love to start my own business’.
  • You have dreams and plans and aren't willing to wait around for the perfect time .
  • You're an action-taker and are ready to make things happen.
  • Oh. And you have a chronic illness (yeah, sometimes you try to forget about that bit.)

The last part? It’s gotten in the way of those other things—and you’re really sick and tired of struggling to make all the pieces fit. 

You’re really sick and tired of struggling to make all the pieces fit.

I know you hate being limited by your health. I know how frustrating it is to headbutt against those health limitations…because when you do, they come back at you with a roundhouse kick to the face. Every. damn. time.

I know this, because I’ve lived it too.

But it’s super alienating every time you hear you just have to ‘hustle’ to reach those business dreams of yours—because you don’t have the luxury of compromising your sleep for weeks on end to get from ‘a’ to ‘b’.

You’ve learned the hard way that you *might* just have to start putting your health first.

So now you’re left wondering… can I have a thriving, lovable business that feels true to me AND gets along with my chronic illness? Or am I doomed to come up against the same crap each and every time?

I’m here to let you know that your business dreams and desires are absolutely achievable. And you’ll succeed at them because of your chronic illnessnot in spite of it.

I help chronically ill creatives (like you) unearth their own path to success so they can create the business and life of their dreams.

As a business and life coach, I work with you 1:1 to help you gain insight and take action on building and growing a sustainable business that works with your chronic illness—not against it.

I help you make the internal and external changes to see that the skills you’ve been forced to develop from your chronic illness actually equip you with exactly what it takes to rock this online-business thing.

After working with me, my clients can clearly see how their business dreams are totally doable (even when it looks different than the ‘8-5 hustle and grind’ bullshit that seems to get played on repeat). They’re armed with the insight, direction and tools to continue to take action. They know how they can sustainably grow the kind of business that gives them the freedom, impact and income that they desire.



I offer 1:1 coaching and mentoring services that are designed to help women with chronic illnesses improve their mindset and businesses.


I share blog posts about living and running an online business with a chronic illness.


On Continuously Brave I share a mix of solo and guest episodes on living, laughing and loving with a chronic illness and finding peace, passion and purpose in running an online business. With the occasional pep talk too.


My Story.

There's Always A Story.




I’m a 4″11, chronic illness warrior. Who has a dark sense of humour, loves bright lipstick and often changes her hair colour.

I’m currently based just outside of Manchester in the U.K. I live with my overly sarcastic but lovely husband.

When I’m not creating content for AGM or working with amazing clients you’ll most likely find me curled up with a book, typically non-fiction, self-help or a romance with a cup of peppermint tea. I also spend time learning more about marketing, how the gut works, minimalism and IVF.

I’m always connecting with our families, continuously working on my own mindset and business and exploring where we live with my husband.

I’m a sugar addict, pass me the cake, please. Anime newbie, action film addict and endometriosis advercote.


My core values are:


I won’t lie living with a chronic illness isn’t easy and neither is running an online business therefore I try my hardest to show you what living with an illness and running a business with an illness is like. I try my hardest within my own boundaries to be as transparent as possible about chronic living and running a business.


It’s taken me a really long time to accept and believe I’m a creative person because of my idea of what been creative actually means and what I’ve been led to believe while growing up (in school) but I now know I’m creative and I need to make time in my weekly life to make sure I’m creative and I’m slowly adding my parts of creativity to my business too.


Which ever aspect you take, living with an illness, running your own business both of them can at times make you feel isolated and alone, which is why community is so important to me. I’ve  spent the last two years working on building an awesome community that helps me and I believe having your own community is important too.


Or courage, I go back and forth between the two but either way courage and bravery are part of my core values as I never see or think of myself as being brave but I’ve done and been through so much and it’s this deep well inside myself that I constantly dig into to help me with my health, business, and life. It’s also this well that’s helped me create my podcast and explore topics and things other women have done but also don’t necessarily see themselves as being brave either.