A To Do List For May

May 1, 2019
A To Do List For May

Normally I would write these down as goals I mean I have a whole category dedicated to past goals but I feel that doing so puts more pressure on me and because I have ongoing health issues (yes more than one right now) not being able to reach that goal really gets me down.

Ask more people to guest on Continuously Brave

In case you missed it. I started a podcast! I’m ridiculously proud of myself for doing so because it’s been a dream of mine since 2016. I had so many mindset issues around starting my podcast that I was never sure I would actually start it but I did.

You can listen here if you’ve missed the first episode.

Find somewhere to live in Manchester

If you didn’t know my husband got made redundant back in February and in March we moved out of our beloved apartment in Southport and in with Ryan’s family in Warrington while Ryan sorted out his new job in Manchester.

We were originally looking at places in Warrington but the commute has been kind of hard on Ryan so we’re looking at living in Manchester now. Which is hard and scary because big city living but I’m trying to convince myself it’ll be worth it with looking at things to do in Manchester.

Rewrite my services page

I offer 1:1 coaching and while I love my current services page I want to make some changes to it. For one it’s not all going to be about self-care. It’s going to be a four-month program instead of a six week one and it’s going to be more open yet tailored to your needs.

Read one non-fiction book

I read Simple Matters by Erin Boyle last month which is all about minimalism and living in a tiny apartment and I loved it. If you haven’t read it I would highly recommend it. So this month I want to read Strong Girl, Brave Girl by Kelsey Baldwin. I normally read a lot of fiction in my downtime but I want to read a few different books now and broaden my horizon.

Start my science of well-being course

You may not know but I used to be a let’s say a not happy person and I wanted to change how I looked at life and how I could actually be a happier person. Enter Gretchen Rubin and The Happiness Project. It changed my life. For the positive and it was that book that I bought all my family and friends. So I’ve been interested in Happiness for a very long time so when I found this course I had to jump on it and take it.

It’s about “what psychological science says about happiness. The purpose of the course is to not only learn what psychological research says about what makes us happy but also to put those strategies into practice.

I feel so much in the last few years and getting actual help has been really hard so I’m doing things that I hope will help me.

Get Evie vaccinated

You might have missed me sharing on Instagram stories but Evie has been very unwell since March. One day she stopped eating her nuggets but would eat everything else and this went on for two weeks. We took her to the vets and found out she had a bad tooth and it was infected. We were recommended another vet as sadly Rabbits are classed as exotic animals because they are so small and our original vets couldn’t operate.

We took her to another vet and were told exactly the same thing but thankfully they recommend us to a specialist vet which showed that Evie had an abscess in her mouth and her X-ray showed she had a cracked tooth too! So she had a little operation to get it sorted and then she’s had a lot of medications to get the infection and pain relief sorted. But in the meantime, she’s a lot of weight and is not just fur and bones but she’s slowly getting back to her usual cheeky self and eating more. Our specialist vet advised waiting until Evie was more herself before getting her vaccinated (which is a yearly thing) so we’re hoping sometime this month.

Prep for surgery

Yes! My ongoing abscess issue, which is just one of my issues, is finally going to be getting sorted! It’s been nearly a year since my abscess first appeared and I had to go to A&E and have minor surgery to get it removed. It never healed in the centre and it’s either a fistula or a sinus they’re not sure because it’s not shown up on scans and MRIs and virtual colonoscopies where the top area is but I’m finally going to get it sorted. It’s also put a stop to our IVF plans because it’s an infection and you’re more susceptible to infections when doing IVF so it’s had to get sorted before we can do egg collection stuff. I have a pre-op appointment 2nd May (tomorrow) which means they have to fit me in within 12 weeks or I have to do the pre-op appointment again but my prostrap injection runs out 20th June and my gyno doesn’t really want to give me any more so fingers crossed surgery happens before then.

What are your to do’s for May?

A To Do List For May

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