A Modern Girl’s Guide to Getting Hitched by Sarah Ivens

June 18, 2013
This fun, witty, self-help book for brides-to-be tells the modern woman the truth about weddings. Entertaining and informative, it’s aimed at real women and tells the truth about weddings that magazines don’t dare to mention, including tips, guidance, and case studies on how to plan for the big day, cope with families and friends, and achieve personal goals. Topics covered include: Looking like a princess—without having to behave like one; Speeches—choosing the right people for the job and controlling their content; Choosing a bridesmaid without losing all your female friends; Learning how to balance being a wedding bore with a full-time job; Judgment Day—including common disasters and last minute fixes. A Modern Girl’s Guide to Getting Hitched is a must-have, light-hearted guide to one of the most unintentionally stressful days of a girl’s life.
As a few of you may know in 18 months I will be marrying my boyfriend of 8 years! {I really don’t like saying Fiance} We’ve been engaged for nearly 1.5 years and I have to tell you, I’m really not enjoying wedding planning. At all. I bought A Modern Girl’s Guide to Getting Hitched in 2012 because I wasn’t sure where to start or what I was meant to do. While A Modern Girl’s Guide to Getting Hitched was helpful in some areas, a wedding magazine was just as helpful. Also I found A Modern Girl’s Guide to Getting Hitched went more along the traditional roots and is more ideal if you’re planning a bigger wedding. I’m planning a wedding with about 30 day guests and a total of 60 evening guests, so quite a small and intimate wedding. Also each section in A Modern Girl’s Guide to Getting Hitched while informative is rather brief and not full of a lot of detail of things you wouldn’t think of.
Yet it does contain quite a few comments from real brides and things they didn’t think were important at the time but wish they had more time for when looking back.
Overall, A Modern Girl’s Guide to Getting Hitched is a light, quick read, that you can easily flip through when there’s something you’re not sure about and need to double check. But I think it’s more suitable to someone going down the more traditional wedding root and if you’re having a big wedding.

Originally posted on Swept Away Again