A day in the life

December 10, 2015
A day in the life, Tuesday 8th December 2015. Just a normal simple day with my husband and our little bunny.
Wake up go to the bathroom, go back to bed.
Ryan wakes me up being restless and fidgety. I stagger out of bed and go to the bathroom, feel light headed and dizzy. I manage to get back into bed and cuddle up to Ryan, who’s playing on his phone. Dizziness gets worse, start to feel really nauseous. Turn away from Ryan and close my eyes for a while longer hoping the dizziness disappears.
Evie has been rattling the bars on her cage demanding either to be let out or to be fed or even both for what feels like twenty minutes, but is possibly less. Once she stops I stagger out of bed and let her out, she runs around our bedroom happy to be out and runs around like the crazy bunny she is. I feel really dizzy and fall over before getting back into bed.
Ryan gets up and takes Evie downstairs to be fed. I stay in bed hoping the dizziness and nausea pass soon.
Still feel ridiculously nauseas but the dizziness has passed. Ryan comes up with a cup of peppermint tea for me and I put Hawaii Five-0 on to watch in bed for a while.
Finally get up and start running a bath. Take a pregnancy test, even though I know it’s going to be negative. Pop downstairs and get a cuddle off Ryan and a glass of water. Talk to Ryan about the irony that my endo symptoms are similar to pregnancy symptoms and that I took a test. He gives me that look that says why did you do that when you know it’s going to be negative. I go back upstairs and add bubble bath to my bath. I text Christa to see how she’s doing today, I what’s app Jade to say Happy 1st Birthday to Ethan and that my present should be there soon for him. I what’s app my Mum and tell her I’m not well.
Sat downstairs in the living room, boot up my laptop and login to my personal email and click the link for HMRC’s Self-employed and the tax return webinar that’s starts at 1pm. Ryan cleans the kitchen then goes for shower.
The webinar has covered everything I wanted to know so I take my laptop upstairs to see what Ryan’s doing. I find Ryan in his office doing some work. I get dressed and do my hair and make-up to the end of the webinar.
I try to convince Ryan to take me to The Aspley for lunch but Ryan says just a drink. I go downstairs pop Hawaii Five-0 on and make myself lunch. I have two rice cakes with nutella, a packet of pita crisps, a handful of nuts and raisins and half an apple and pear and a blackcurrant tea.
We walk down to The Aspley talking about nothing important until my Mum rings to see how we are and what we’re doing and we chat about my health for a little bit. 
Ryan gets me a small glass of rose wine and himself a beer, we sit in front of a window and watch the ducks and canel boats and talk about Christmas, this year and next, our house and how we think we’ll out grow it once we start having babies, how our Hull house was ideal but it’s unlikely we’ll ever be able to move back to Hull. We talk about my business and what I want to achieve next year and Ryan shares his opinion and thoughts. We talk about if we’re happy to be living back up North and other things.
After we finish our drinks we walk across the bridge and go to Sainsbury’s so I can buy some Christmas wrapping paper, tags and a Christmas present for Christa. We look at Christmas trees as I wanted a bigger tree but um and ah about buying one and then Ryan convinces me. We walk home in the rain with our new Christmas tree.
We get home and let Evie out, she’s happy we’re home and immediately trips us up trying to get some attention. I put away the things we bought, put the towels on the radiators and make us cups of tea. Ryan gives Evie some attention and then heads into the kitchen and makes us individual cookie cups and adds some ice cream on top. We cuddle up on the sofa to Treasure Planet.
It’s Ryan’s turn to cook and he’s doing steak with peppercorn sauce and chips and onion rings because my husband likes to keep it classy and hardly ever cooks any veg. This is something I’ve learnt to accept. I miss the ending of Treasure Planet while getting Evie’s food ready so rewind it to watch the ending with dinner.
We pop Fast and Furious 7 into the PS4 and Ryan sits on the floor with Evie while I start organising and writing Christmas cards for our friends and family.
We go up to bed, I enjoyed Fast and Furious 7 but Fast 5 is still my favourite one. I had a slight headache and feel sick again. I take two more buscopan and hope it’ll pass. Ryan pops on a superhero cartoon (anime) Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. I try and focus on the tv to stop feeling sick and it works for a while. 
I finally start to feel a bit better and am able to drift off to sleep.
Seriously, I’m so happy to finally documented an entire day in such detail. The last time I recorded a day like this was back in my livejournal days!
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