4 Awesome Self-Development Books To Read

November 26, 2018
4 awesome self-development books

I love books and if you didn’t know I got into book blogging back in 2010. I’m a book nerd and I love a good book haul.

Here are 4 awesome self-development books I’ve added to my list recently:

1.Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin

This is my third book by Gretchen and her love her books. Her Happiness Project changed my life. I did Gretchen’s four tendencies test and really wanted to read her book. I’ve only read my section, rebel and the intro but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read.


2. This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay

This was recommended by my BFF and that it was really good so I picked it up in my local Sainsbury’s for £3.99! I saw someone online say not to read it if you were trying to get pregnant but now we’re taking a break from IVF I thought I would add it back into my TBR pile.


3. Let It Out by Katie Dalebout

As I mentioned I started out as a book blogger and I still receive arc books every now and again and I was lucky enough to receive this as an arc ebook and I loved it so much I had to have a physical copy. Must read if you love or are interested in journaling.


4. You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Everyone’s been talking about this book but because it got so much hype I put off buying for so long but when I was in my local Waterstones getting The Four Tendencies book I saw this and thought oh it’s not for me but picked it up to read the first paragraph and just the first sentence broke me. “What we think about our selves becomes the truth for us”. It just hit the nail on the head for me in that first sentence.


Honourable Mentions:

I’ve also been using Sian’s mini penguin calendar as bookmarks for my books. I talk more about them in my video. Also been reading and loving the arc of The Year Of Inspired Living.


Let me know what you’ve been reading and loving recently!