2014 Resolutions

I, as always started my resolutions list really early in December. Partly because I wanted to really list things that I was going to stick too and partly because I knew some of these would be really hard for me and I didn’t want to write them down and not really have the intention of being able to do them. Which is why it’s taken me so long to finally post them.

Goals, resolutions, intentions. I’ve got a little mix of all three this year but whatever you want to call them here are my list for 2014.


This is a really big one and it’s a joint one. By the end of 2014 we want to be between 2 to 4 hours away from our families in North Yorkshire.

Plan our Wedding
If we manage to complete the move, it would be so much easier to sort out our wedding plans but either way considering we want to get married next year we need to start moving forward with our plans and start making some decisions.

Read xxx books
I’m still not sure how many books I want to read in 2014 but it’s about 225 books I think although I did hit my highest amount of books read in 2013 so maybe I should make it higher?!

Attempt to scatter Papa’s ashes
It’s about a week and a half away from making it four years since my Dad died and we still have his ashes to scatter like he wanted and I think this year might be the year to do it but it also depends on how my Mum feels about this decision.

Move more, eat less
Really simple one but most likely popular. I want to exercise more and eat less bad stuff.

Connect better with friends
Since living in Plymouth I’ve been trying to stay in touch with old friends and sometimes it’s really easy because it goes both ways and sometimes it’s really hard because other people don’t connect back. But there’s always room for improvement with connecting with people.

Spend more quality time with the bunnies
Sometimes I get home from work and end up playing on my ipad, reading a book or watching TV and just let the bunnies do there own thing as they’re quite independent but I want to spend a bit more time with them one on one.

Have a weekend away in the UK
I’m not quite sure we’ll get to do this one but I’d really like to have a little weekend away somewhere for a little break as we haven’t had an actual away holiday since 2009 as most of our actual holidays have been spent spending time with and seeing family which is fine and really nice but I’d still like a little away time together.

Blog at least x2 a week
I have a few little plans for this little blogging space of mine. First I want to blog regularly, every weekend and if I have any other posts they will go up whenever but I also want to add some different content to allyteepee, maybe a few recipe posts and some home decor posts too.

Keep a gratitude List
Write one thing each day that makes me happy or smile or was a shining moment on my day. I feel like I let too many things bog me down towards the end of 2013 and I want to try and focus on the things that made me happy.

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