2011 Year in Review

December 8, 2011

It’s so strange to think how things can change and be so different in just a year. When actually you say it’s a year gone doesn’t seem all that long but when you say 365 days it seems so much longer. At least to me. These past few years (since 2009 really) so much has changed and I know for a fact 2012 will be bringing a whole new lot of changes with it too. Sometimes if I think of these changes to come too much I scare myself and start to worry and panic and then annoy myself because although there may be a few changes next year they’ll all be spread out through the 365 days and not all just in one day so I need to stop over thinking things and take each moment as it comes.

So I thought I’d share some memories from 2011 that I’ve valued and enjoyed. Because it always feels like you remember the negative more than the positive and I want to fondly remember 2011.

Became addicted to J.D Robb!

Having a brilliant 25th birthday!
Finally met Zoe and visited Bath all in the same day! (Roman Baths and Jane Austen Centre)
My boyfriend’s youngest brother came to visit! (Reading on the Hoe)
My Mum and her partner came to visit. We explored a lot of Plymouth and ate a lot of good food while they were with us for four days. (At Wet Wok)
We got Evie!!!
I got addicted again to Filofax’s!
Remembrance Day Parade
Ate some good food!
Read some awesome books!
Had our very own first Christmas, just the guy and I.

Some Extras:-
Having my last counselling session!
A year since my Dad died.

My Mum and her partner getting engaged.
Buying a Kindle. And loving it!

Getting extremely bad sunburn! 
Some great films came out: Captain America, Transforms 3, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Sherlock Holmes: The Game of Shadows.Upgrading from my useless blackberry to an iPhone!
Getting a Christmas Temp job at Paperchase!
My boyfriend’s Mum and Step-Dad coming to visit.
Having our very first Christmas together!! It’s so good I had to mention it twice.

Overall 2011 has been an interesting year and I wish there was one word to sum it up but there wasn’t! There have been many changes and I really think I’ve grown a lot in this year and I’m excited and yet ambivalent at times to what 2012 will bring I only hope that 2012 will bring great things and be a much more positive year.

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