2.5 Years On

Today marks two and a half years since my Papa passed away. I still miss him so much. Some days are much harder than others when something happens and I want to automatically ring him and share the details with him. When I need advice and I no longer have him to turn too. It makes it just bittersweet at times.
There are so many things he’ll have missed and gotten a kick out of in the last two and a half years since he passed.
The spring and the slightly warmer weather. Saying goodbye to Sadie. My Mum’s 50th. Cooking his soup recipe. The ipad. 3D films. Fifty Shades of Grey. Evie & Oscar. Our engagement.
Sometimes it hurts more than you can dream that there will be a million more things he’ll miss as my life goes on that will be epically important and he will no longer be around to laugh, sigh or frown just to share these moments with me. But then I have to give myself a moment to shed several tears and remember that he’s no longer struggling to survive, and that’s what’s most important.

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