Weekend Reads // Week 25

June 20, 2014
weekend reads // week 25
It’s been a super busy week in the Teepee household. The builder finally came and finished plastering over the hole in the wall the plumber made. Now I’m just waiting for the painter to show up and finish it off. I’ve been shopping like crazy for Ryan’s birthday next weekend! My favourite present is this Iron Man print from PrintKitchen, she has some wonderful designs, I just now have to find a nice frame for it.

Ryan finally finished levelling out the soil and adding compost to it so last night he finally added the grass seeds. I properly shouldn’t be quite so excited but fingers crossed in 6 weeks they’re should be some grass!
Yesterday I met up with a family friend who was really close with my Dad which was super nice and we spent some time talking about his food photography which always makes me hungry looking at his pictures {twitter & facebook}!

Today I haven’t been very well, I still haven’t readjusted to Yorkshire water so I’ve been feeling sorry and plan to finish off Heat Wave as my friday reads as I want to read Emma this weekend.

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