The Weekly Post

June 20, 2015

Where has this year disappeared too? I’ve had lots keeping me busy but I’m hoping things will even out some more now and I can find some sort of balance.

I know we’re in the middle of June, well, practically at the end now, but I wanted to post about May as a reminder of the ups and downs through the month. 

  1. Getting sicker and sicker every month now. Being referred for an ultra sound scan, which I had this Wednesday.
  2. Finding Ryan’s wedding ring. Trying to find a decent guys wedding ring, has been such a pain. Especially as R needs something hard wearing and so many jewellers contradicted each other.
  3. Beef sandwiches. Seriously nice.
  4. Cutting off 5 inches of my hair and still having lots left over. I’d had enough of my long locks. Especially as I have such thick hair that it was just feeling so heavy. Best decision cutting so much off. 
  5. Seeing building’s being torn down.
  6. Dealing with a constipated bunny. My life is so glamorous, aren’t you just so jealous? 
  7. Seeing baby E. get so big! It was good to go home for an overnight stay and see family and friends. Especially seeing how big this little guy has gotten. He’s so heavy now.
  8. My Mum’s fabulous dress she’s wearing to my wedding. I’m honestly jealous and want to steal it to add to my own wardrobe.
  9. Finally picking our wedding venue. The main reason we went back home, to sort out the wedding venue and make sure it was too big for our small number of guests and that it suited are needs other than coming within our budget. I might have a big rant one of these days about wedding planning, because I will tell you it has not been fun at all!
Have a great week!

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