The Weekly Post – With Love

November 15, 2015
It feels wrong to be getting back into blogging with this weekly post in any other way than addressing the atrocities that occurred in Paris on Friday night and the other awful things that happened on the weekend! It seems pointless to try and put into words how horrific these events have been but aside from the shock and overwhelming sadness that actual human beings could do these things, I’ve been wowed by the actions of others. From other Parisians opening their doors to those in need, seriously that hashtag was just awe inspiring to the overwhelming support on social media. Seeing all those cities with monuments changing their lights to the French flag was so heartwarming. It was so good to see that there actually are good people in this world. It’s just a shame what it took to make it apparent.

When things like this happen it’s important to focus on the good things. Spending time with loved ones and reminding ourselves that we are lucky for what we have and how we live our lives.
I spent the weekend with my husband and contacting the important people in my life and letting them know they are loved.
With love,

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