The Weekly Post – Treats, Cheeky Bunnies & Wedding Stuff

July 19, 2015
You know what they say about good intentions, but life just seems to be speeding by in an absolute blur right now. I’ve just recovered from a two week stomach bug which was rather horrid but this week has made me feel better, so I have some happy things.
1. Being determined to take Friday off this week meant only taking lunch breaks quick enough to eat a sandwich and then jump straight back into projects.
2. I worked so hard this week that I treated myself to a naughty strawberry doughnut from the bakers. It was no Krispy Kreme but it sure hit that sweet spot I was craving.
3. Our bunnies often make me giggle, but while I was Skyping a client Evie decided that the place to be to get some attention was on my keyboard, luckily she was out of shot of the camera so I didn’t appear unprofessional being unable to control my bunny!

4. I love my make-up collection but since I’ve been working from home I’ve not being bothering to wear any of it. I’ve tried to make more of an effort this week and it’s made me feel so much better. Plan to try and keep this up!

5. Were about 96 days until our wedding, so after taking most of June off as a wedding break, I need to start cracking the whip and making lots of lists to get the remainder of things done. This weekend I’ve nearly finished our wedding website and Ryan has started on our wedding invitations!

6. My goal for the week was to take Friday off as it was Ryan’s day off and I thought it would be nice to spend the day together and ‘do’ something.

7. We started off crossing things off our to-do list like housework and buying slug pellets, later we went to East Park and watched the geese and ducks and made each other laugh, then we walked past the animal sanctuary and spotted the deer!

8. Yesterday Ryan text me telling me he was taking back some time at work and to come meet him so we could go to Hobby Craft to look at the cardboard letters that I was interested in for our wedding.

9. I love being in our garden, especially seeing all our flowers bloom right now. The beauty above was actually from poundland and although it looked like it was dying when we bought it, it’s come back to life and is attracting all the bees!

10. We’re going to be having a very social week next week, so today Ryan has been cleaning the entire house so I’ve been able to work on my business website pages. I’m so lucky!

Hope you had a great week! xo

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