The Weekly Post – New Years Edition

January 4, 2016
Individual cookie cups are the best, top them off with some ice cream when they’re still warm and the are amazing! The recipe is from pinterest, but I can’t find it right now.

Bubble baths are the best! This week was full of bubble baths and relaxing. 

I loved my nine best likes on instagram. I’m on instagram more than twitter nowadays and these nine really summed up my year. You can find me here!

My husband let me me eat quite a few of his celebrations that my Mum bought him. He really doesn’t like the bounty ones and well I do! 

Quite often we make forts on the floor with blankets so Evie has company. We’ve been doing it since Oscar died because now she doesn’t have anyone to snuggle with. Unsurprisingly her favourite person to snuggle with is… Ryan! Seriously I haven’t met a pet that hasn’t liked him!

I spent most of New Years Eve day being really ill, stupid endo. I cried a lot, spent hours in the bathroom and went to bed until Ryan came home about 4:30pm. I made this Boxing Day leftovers buffet for dinner but wasn’t able to eat much of it. We went to bed at 10 and had an early night as I was exhausted.

New Years Day I was still pretty ill and spent most of it curled up on the sofa. We watched lots of films and TV shows. Cake Boss, Jessica Jones, Agent Carter, The Mentalist. My favourite being Agent Carter, we only watched half of it. It’s only 8 episodes long so it won’t take us long to finish but Season 2 is meant to be starting soon and I really want to see it.

Hope your New’s Years was much better than mine!

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