The Weekly Post – Food & Rainy Days

August 27, 2015

A bit late this time by an unpredictable week has just passed me by. My body is rebelling in a strange way and I just can’t figure it out. After being sick for so long I’m pretty in tune with my body so when it goes out of whack I get a bit freaked out. Maybe because that time of the month. I’ll figure it out.
I spent most of the week doing client work and hardly crossed anything off my personal to-do list. While that’s great I did feel a bit drained during the week which made me realise I need to focus on myself a bit more.
1. The above meal is based on the slimming world steak salad but tweaked a bit and oh my god, so good! I’m not really a meat girl but this was amazing!
2. Sunbathing bunnies!
3. New book.
4. 5 days till my hospital appointment
5. Rainy day selfies. 
6. Stealing my other half’s hat because I can never find mine.
7. A rather weird shopping haul.
8. Oscar drinking cold peppermint tea!
9. Planning my hen do
10. Researching wedding table decorations
Hope you had a great week! xo

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