The Little Things

October 14, 2014
in with the new 

1. Out with the Old 
Ok so I can’t actually make myself throw away my trainers from this summer {the cream/pink pair} but they have lots of holes in them but I found a similar version in more autumn/winter colours and I love them and think they will be great for running errends and before all the rain hits 

2. Holiday!
Only 5 days until we’re going to be visiting my Mum and I can’t wait. It’ll be nice to have a little break and to see family and friends!

3. Lists, lists and more lists
The absolute and only way I’m managing to stay organised right now. Although if I don’t check my list or it’s not sat right in front of me. I forget everything!

4. Sunday TV
Because Columbo, Space Jam, Carry on Cruising and Miss Marple all make for the perfect, I can’t be arsed to get dressed Sundays!

5. Down time
I took a bit of down time last week and didn’t blog and wasn’t on the ‘net much at all and really needed it to be honest. There’s so much other stuff going on right now in my real life that I couldn’t cope with my internet life as well. Which I know sounds silly but a break every now and again helps and was exactly what I needed!

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